In a tiny house space is scarce. The deconstruction and construction of new spaces is therefore an integral part of my interior design to preserve as much as possible free unspoilt space.

I have restructured the Hidden Space to reach a better ergonomics and more light. During the use of the old construction I have noticed that the workstation cupboard was often used and standed always outside of the space and I went several times every day in to the Hidden Space. This input I take up and open the Hidden Space aside, so that the sunlight is able to shine through the side window into the space. By the lateral opening I win some space, because I can better use the place in front of the Hidden Space.

The partition existing of wooden strips gives the whole lightness and by the transparency the space grows optically. The optically light partition breaks up the spatial separation. In addition, it’s very decorative and a nice colour partner to dark bluegrey of the walls. I leave the strips in the bright beige. As the next the internal creation stands in a queue and the refinements wait.


tiny house

tiny housetiny house

To receive the lightness in this area I upcycled old shelves of metal and have varnished with black wrought iron varnish. I have used the boards of the old cupboards to construct the shelf and to put an optical contrast to the matt black. They got only one clear protective glaze.

tiny house
tiny house