[ THE BEGINNING | April 2019]

At the beginning there was a perfect space for a lot of ideas. I love this place because it has a special atmosphere of old industrial objects and buildings. It inspires and young and special dreams can grow.

[ CONSTRUCTION | May 2019]

With the support of Holz Possling I can start with a lot of wood. Also the owner of the Altes Kesselhaus Marzahn gave me a lot of old wood and pallets with which I can construct the raised beds for the urban garden and the food forrest. So I can upcycle material and safe money. Upcycling and recycling is for me an important sustainable idea and I try as much as I can to integrate old stuff.

[ The construction of a visitor’s area ]

In the urban garden I create a space for a break for my visitors. If you can make a short break between a pleasant smell of flowers you can come down and enjoy the atmosphere. The high speed of life disappears and you have the room to see the details, the plants, the inspiration and the possibilities.

To construct this space I build plasticfree circular raised beds and use old pallets. Around the pallets I set up the raised beds and small pots with plants.

[ The construction of the food forrest ]

Details will follow.

[ The construction of the zero waste space]

Details will follow.